Holy Spirit School
Nancy Zewe, Team Chair
Grades 4-8

Participation in the Lewis and Clark Commemorative Voyage of Discovery program hosted by the Pittsburgh Regional Center for Science Teachers (PRCST) was a school-wide project. Teachers in the various disciplines and grades assigned different components of the project to their classes.

Based on background information and research, students became involved in a variety of projects that included: Plants of the Voyage, Animals of the Voyage, Clothing Worn on the Voyage, Seaman the Dog, and the effort to find a Norwest Passage.

Student teams developed the ideas for the display boards and designed the elements utilized. One team constructed the clothing models in miniature, researching the designs and materials of the 1800s. One team made a large model of the Newfoundland dog, Seaman, who accompanied Lewis throughout the entire voyage.

Products of each of these areas of focus were mounted on display boards that were part of a comprehensive education summer display held at the Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center.